This page features recaps from wedding days and engagement sessions!


ON Deck: Russ and Shellie Reynolds

My mother always told me to be careful about how I behaved because: "you never know who you'll work for one day." 

Never would I have expected to shoot a wedding of a bride who shared the same high school as me. I hope that I didn't embarrass myself too much during my four volatile years as a high schooler! 

I was extremely grateful to be a part of this day. Russ is a stand-up guy who is definitely way smarter than me. Shellie couldn't stop smiling if she tried. The whole "soft-smile" thing doesn't really fly well with her.  I think I'm alright with that. 

Enjoy viewing and feeling these moments as I did shooting them. 

Tyler & Hannah

Chandler & Regan

Kyle & Kate


Jordan & Georgia


Ben & Lindsey 

Peter & Taylor

Trey & Elizabeth

William & Kasia